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Our company provides a variety of Guard, Surveillance and Protection Services, whilst at the same time active in the Trading, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Security, Alarm and Fire Protection Systems. In addition, ISM SECURITY provides Freight Forwarding and Shipment Services, as well as general and Special Protection of Personal and Property Services and special Asset Protection Services. Specifically, our company provides all possible services foreseen by the laws that govern our operation, namely:
  1. Monitoring or guarding of movable or immovable assets and facilities
  2. Protection of natural persons
  3. Safe transportation by specially outfitted armored vehicles of cash, values, antiquities, works of art and precious objects
  4. Protection of shows, exhibitions, conferences, competitions and sports events
  5. Security monitoring of crews, passengers, hand luggage, luggage, cargo and mail at airports and ports, control of access to premises and, in general, their facilities, subject to approval by the competent aviation or port authority
  6. Wide/Oversize load escort and pilot car drivers
  7. Escorts sports missions for safe transportation
  8. Develops projects and designs measures to safely carry out the above activities
  9. Installation, maintenance and monitoring of operation of equipment and security and alarm systems
  10. Operation of centers for response, verification and routing of alarm signals
  11. Develops projects and designs security systems.
When designing security we take into account:
  • Risk weighing and vulnerability assessment
  • The value and the criticality of the protected items, their functions and material
  • The level of protection required, based on the sensitivity of the elements requiring protection and the known capabilities of the threat
  • Economic, legal, regulatory, physical, geographical, operational and other constraints


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