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Security services for industrial facilities - Logistics Companies - Construction facilities

ISM SECURITY, with years of experience and the necessary know-how, provides integrated security solutions in every high-demand area such as industrial facilities, warehouses and construction sites, and ensures the order and security of facilities, movable and immovable property and of human resources.

For each case of security assignment for industrial facilities, warehouse or worksite storage facilities and in accordance with the requirements of each client, our company follows specific procedures that ensure the expected quality and efficiency of the services provided:

  • working group is formed
  • Development of a Security Plan following a thorough study of the risks and vulnerabilities of the facilities
  • Selection of the appropriate personnel
  • Personnel training based on the specific Security Plan.
  • Continuous monitoring of the quality of services by the project supervisor, but also using digital means.

The services provided include:

  • Design and installation of security systems related to the security of facilities, such as alarm systems, fire detection and fire protection systems, CCTV, peripheral protection systems (working with cameras and motion sensors) as well as automatic access control systems.
  • Gate Services:
    • Monitoring and recording of incoming and outgoing pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
    • Monitoring cargo of inbound and outbound trucks.
    • Hardcopy and optional electronic log keeping.
  • Stationary guarding by uniformed guards.
  • Patrol by company vehicle inside, outside and around the perimeter of industrial facilities.
  • Emergency Services.
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