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Airport & Aviation security services

Our company, with a unique combination of experience, know-how and innovative technological solutions, provides integrated solutions in the field of airport and air transportation services.

Within the framework of airport security services, specially trained and certified Airport Guard Officers carry out:

  • Security monitoring of all areas inside, outside and all round the airport facilities (airport guarding)
  • Vital Access Control
  • Perimeter patrol and stationary guarding
  • Emergency Intervention Services
  • Managing the enormous volume of passenger movements.


Our personnel who are in charge of the security sector are responsible for the development, organization and management of civil aviation security programs and the implementation of security measures and procedures, have a thorough knowledge of the requirements and the available means of security, as well as excellent knowledge of the Security Program, i.e. the plan to take preventive measures to deter the occurrence of unlawful actions, immediate response to the emergency caused by unlawful action, as well as individual recovery action plans for return to normality. Our staff have undergone adequate training at the Civil Aviation School (CAA/SPCA/C) before taking up their duties.

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