Personnel selection & composition

Being aware of the utmost importance of its clients’ security, ISM SECURITY vouches for the security personnel and for the people who make up the service.

The necessary selection criteria for personnel are as follows:

  • Security License
  • Clean criminal record
  • Army Discharge I1 Certificate (for men) High school certificate (at least)
  • Computer Handling and Knowledge
  • Foreign Languages

Candidates fill out a curriculum vitae form and provide the above documents. They are then interviewed by the Director of Security and the Human Resources Director, who, by posing specialized questions drawn up by experts, assess their suitability and judge their ability to handle guarding service.

Criteria – Specifications

The personnel of our company are stringently selected, healthy, well trained and able to cope with emergency incidents within the limits set by Greek law.

Our personnel hold the required Work Permit required by the Law on the Establishment of Security Companies (L.2518/97). They are permanent, not casual, employees. They are remunerated in accordance with the provisions of the sector’s Collective Labor Agreement.

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