SM SECURITY is made up of specialized executives with considerable experience in their field of competence.

To carry out the specialized services provided by ISM SECURITY, the optimum use of human resources in the most effective way is prerequisite, because this is the only way to ensure the continuous upgrading of our services.

The company’s premises house the Administration, and the Security Coordinator as well as the Security Supervisor on a 24-hour basis, as responsible for the management of personnel and of roving patrols.

Company organization ensures also the high quality of our services. This means organized management and continuous training of our staff in all areas.


Our guards are selected with strict criteria in order to fully meet the high standards set by our company. At the same time, it is part of our policy to invest in the continuous training and further education of our co-workers as regards up-to-date guarding procedures as well as increasingly complex and rising forms of risk.

Unless otherwise agreed, guarding personnel on duty are required to wear uniforms. Every guard takes care that his uniform is always clean and generally in perfect condition, and he himself must always be clean and decent.

The behavior of the guarding personnel selected should be in line with the following:

  • Demonstrate courtesy, honesty, vigilance and ingenuity, all necessary skills for the successful performance of his duties.
  • Take care to improve the level of security in his areas of responsibility and be consciously interested in protecting the assets that the client has entrusted to us.
  • To observe the rules and conditions of guarding set by the client.
  • Adhere absolutely to our company’s Working Regulations, especially those relating to guarding duties.
  • When on duty the following must distinguish him: excellent ethos, flawless appearance, seriousness, calmness, responsibility, excellent physical condition, discretion, tact, courtesy, decent behavior and perception.


For the better development of our personnel, a Training Center, the educational and research center of ISM SECURITY, has been created and is in the process of obtaining accreditation from the Center for Security Studies for its educational materials-teachers.

The educational materials and training programs developed by the company in collaboration with internationally recognized specialist scientists and security experts form the basis for ISM Personnel Security training. The training of staff is carried out by qualified/certified trainers, graduates, with many years of professional experience in the field of protection services and it is designed so that our trained personnel:

  • Inspire trust
  • Be driven by values
  • Follow the Code of Conduct
  • Develop individual skills and competences
  • Ensure that the performance of their duties to in accordance with standards
  • Act with foresight and caution

Training is divided into two phases: the first covers the theoretical training, while the second consists of “hands-on training in the workplace”, emphasizing the specific objectives, the “specific functions” of each guard, the particular needs of each position and the client’s specialized needs. Our trainers perform training at regular intervals in order to maintain knowledge and to teach new methods of monitoring and action. In addition, they are constantly supervised & assessed at their workplace.

Specialized knowledge such as “Improvement of Safety at Work”, “Improving Knowledge of Protection Issues”, “Improving Communication” are provided during the Training Seminars.


ISM SECURITY, in its effort to maintain a high degree of vigilance of the security personnel, has a special service responsible for the systematic supervision and monitoring of guards in the field 24 hours a day.

Monitoring is carried out on the one hand by telephone from the Call Center, at the Company’s Control Center, and on the other by supervisors who visit guarding locations unannounced on a daily basis and at unspecified intervals to ascertain that the guarding procedures are indeed being applied.


Our company’s supervisors are experienced in the specific area and have been selected with strict criteria. Supervisor interventions on guarded locations and on guards are made at least two (2) times per 8-hour shift and at irregular intervals.

The supervisor checks whether guards are adhering strictly to their contractual obligations as well as to the company’s internal regulations. He keeps a record in the register of interventions, kept at each guarding location, with the date and time of the intervention, evaluates the guarding and the guard, with the assessment “BAD-GOOD-EXCELLENT”, and signs his entry.

For each intervention, the supervisor completes a sheet of his observations, the exact location of guarding, the guard’s name, the day and time of the intervention, the condition of the guarded location and the presence and appearance of the guard in general. The completed supervision sheets of each supervisor, at the end of his shift, are placed in a dossier delivered to the Center.

The Security Director studies all the supervision sheets, of the all supervisors, and then updates the file for each guarding location as well as the individual files of the guards.

The supervisors begin and complete their shift from the company’s offices so that on the one hand there the responsible personnel are informed directly and on the other, the Director of Security – and only him – has full knowledge of where the intervention will take place and by whom, so as to always ensure that the guards taken by surprise and the purpose of the intervention is achieved.


It goes without saying that the supervisor is the connecting link between the guards and the company and vice versa.

For the guard, he is essentially his immediate superior from whom he receives instructions, but also to express his concerns or any observations to.

These features also determine the qualifications the supervisor must have in order to be able to fulfill his mission successfully. In addition, he should:

  • Be trustworthy and committed to the company.
  • Be perfectly aware of the company’s regulations and the requirements for every guarding, to identify any omissions and to guide his subordinates.
  • To inspire esteem and respect through his behavior and actions and to be the best example of compliance and observance of regulations.
  • Be decisive, fair, impartial and have the wisdom and reason to use whatever power his position demands.