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Our company undertakes cash in transit within the Attica basin, but also to the whole of Greece, thanks to its highly trained personnel and its special vehicles.

Our company’s services include the transfer of cash, but also of valuable documents and items. Transportation is carried out by special vehicles and specialized guards, aiming at absolutely safe and fast transportation.

The nature of the items being shipped, the distance, the particular conditions of the journey, as well as the possible risks, are all taken into account. Based on these data, the Transportation Plan is drawn up, which includes, without being limited to, continuous monitoring systems and the possibility of sending reinforcements.

Our company’s cash in transit services are made is as follows:

  1. They are carried out by personnel that have been trained, certified and licensed for cash in transit activities.
  2. They are carried out by a service vehicle appropriate for the risks of cash in transit and with the option of providing a second and more vehicles, depending on the circumstances.
  3. A special plan is drafted to carry out the cash in transit by alternative routes, taking into account whether it is a regular or extraordinary, time-predictability, the shortest possible route, maximum exposure to danger, dangerous points, traffic conditions, route specifics, safe places, incumbents at start and finish, parking, confidentiality.
  4. Closed-frequency intercom and new generation bulletproof equipment are used.
  5. They feature a cutting edge GPS that has a risk alert button and is supervised by our Operations Center in cases that are deemed necessary due to the risks of the cash in transit.
  6. Special envelopes with a unique serial number are used, which are destroyed if there is any attempt to violate them.
  7. Each special envelope is placed in a special bag that dyes the money in indelible color if there is an attempt to forcefully remove it from the cash in transit personnel.
  8. Upon receipt of the money, the amount the receiver takes delivery of is entered on a special “voucher” form, which is triplicate.
  9. Each cash in transit assignment must startin a specially isolated location that is not accessible to the public and which locks.
  10. Upon placing the money in the envelope, close the envelope, sealing it, the removal of the slip of the envelope, the receipt of the money is confirmed and the special form is signed, a copy of which is delivered to you together with the confirmation slip of the envelope showing its serial number.
  11. From the signing of the special form and exit from the transaction area the responsibility goes to our company until our entrance to the bank, the receipt of the money and the signature of the special form by the bank’s staff.
  12. Upon completion of the cash transit, we advise by phone and email of the completion.
  13. On the same day, the cash transit delivery-receipt by bank document is sent to you via email to confirm the deposit of funds in your account.

It should be noted that, besides the above, our company has insurance coverage for all its activities.

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