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Design & Installation of security systems

Tackling crime today requires a different approach for most criminal activities than has traditionally been adopted up to now. The need for a different approach to tackling crime brings new challenges to security service providers and organizations. As is widely known, the crime rate is continually increasing. Trends show a significant increase in ingenuity, number, and kinds of criminal or offensive actions, as well as in the way they happen; in the type and magnitude of harm and impact caused and in the number of victims and the impact on the economy. There are two important parameters worth highlighting:

  • The business model of crime exploits modern technological capabilities that facilitate the perpetrator in all types of crime, even by those who lack the necessary skills or abilities.
  • Even traditional organized crime groups are using technology as the basis of crime, as a result the crimes they commit have a more sophisticated form.

The Design & Installation of Security Systems includes study, making offers, installation, maintenance and monitoring of security systems of all kinds. We install everything from simple conventional house alarm systems to special two-factor systems for banks, jewelers and special locations that require increased security measures. The devices we offer are the most technologically advanced in their kind, they combine the most technical capabilities with the most affordable prices.

The Design and Installation of Safety Systems has the capability of examining the supply of the most appropriate, modern security and protection equipment for homes, shops, businesses and warehouses, fuels and/or hazardous materials.

Our belief is that investing in “smart” security systems and equipment is now a necessity. The transformation of crime, along with the use of technologies, is now a reality which creates many additional challenges for security service providers and organizations. However, we must always bear in mind that technologies support people who provide security. Security is provided by people rather than by tools.

ISM SECURITY cooperates with the most specialized and best security systems companies.

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