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Guard - Security Dogs

The highly developed instincts and emotions of dogs make them a key factor in the effectiveness of security programs worldwide. Their operational capabilities are what make them indispensable tools in patrolling, guarding and detecting in every sector. The rigorous selection of dog-handlers, the high level of training and the effectiveness of our K9 teams, limit violence and crime while helping to deter any kind of threat to individuals or businesses. As a result, threats are minimized and the security provided by ISM SECURITY is reinforced by the following services:

  • Specially trained guard and patrol dogs
  • Specially trained human search and rescue dogs
  • Specially trained sniffing dogs for detection and location of substances and scents
  • Double role dogs (Patrol-Detection)
  • VIP Protection dogs (Escorting-Guarding-Detecting)
  • Detection by specially trained dogs for airports, port facilities, buildings, industrial sites, hotels, conference centers, VIP vehicles, cargo, etc.
  • Provision of specialized training.
  • Our dog-handling units are certified by a state-controlled accreditation institution.
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